Walach Receives Patent for Free-form Bifocal


MARCH 2015


Walach Receives Patent for Free-form Bifocal


LARGO, Fla.—Michael Walach, the president of Quest Optical Specialty Lab in Largo, Florida has been granted U.S. patent number 8,931,898 for a free-form bifocal lens that he designed called the Easy Top.

Walach believes the new free-form Easy Top (ET) lens will significantly enhance the bifocal lens market, particularly,

because this is the only bifocal free-form lens that can be fully individually optimized.

“Individual optimization is not a fad but is a better new way of producing prescriptionlenses that deliver the ultimate visual performance and comfort to the wearer,” he said. “I firmly believe that the new bifocal lens, the Easy Top, in time will substantiallyeliminate conventional bifocal lenses mainly because it is safer, aesthetically moreappealing and conducive for optimum individualization.”


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