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About Us

Founded in 2004 by optical visionary and inventor Michael Walach, Quest is the industry’s leading specialty lab manufacturing exclusively for wholesale labs. With the latest technology and highest level of knowledge, Quest provides optical laboratories with specialty ophthalmic correction RX lenses which are out of range for production equipment, require specialized tooling equipment or highly specialized skills and knowledge. As the go-to solution for all specialty work, Quest has made it their niche to only take on the toughest jobs including hi-power lenses, slabs, strong cylinders, strong prisms, thinned blended edge prisms, prism segs, diving masks, etc. Quest never turns down any job, no matter how complex and always gets the job done well. Quantity has never been our concern, but rather consistently producing the highest quality.

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Our Vision

Like all endeavors, Quest began with a vision. Our goal is to always meet the needs of the maximum number of patients while consistently producing the highest quality work possible. As a free-form specialty lab pioneer that has been delivering eyecare solutions for over a decade, we have sustained traditions for quality craftsmanship and delivered truly exceptional service. As a result of this consistent performance, in 2016 we established a very significant historic milestone as we passed the 500,000 mark for quality specialty lens produced.