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Quest Vision Makes Glass Lenses a Specialty


Quest Vision Makes Glass Lenses a Specialty

By Andrew Karp
Monday, November 17, 2014 12:00 AM


LARGO, Fla.—As the market for glass lenses has declined in recent years, many optical laboratories have abandoned processing prescriptions in glass. But that situation has created an opportunity for Quest Vision Care, a specialty lab located in Largo, Fla. that is looking to fill that niche.

Equipped to process virtually any type of glass lens, Quest is positioning itself as the go-to supplier for labs that want to offer their accounts Rx glass but no longer process it themselves. These labs service a small but loyal group of eyeglass wearers who prefer the scratch resistance and color filtering properties of glass lenses, including farm workers who like glass photochromic lenses, x-ray technicians for opt for lead glass, and glass blowers who prefer Amethyst Contrast Enhancement lenses.

“There are very few mineral glass Rx labs in the U.S. and their Rx range is substantially limited,” said Michael Walach, president and owner of Quest Labs, who is pictured here. “We can supply a wide variety of extended power range specialty prescription lenses in all glass materials including lead glass lenses and Amethyst Contrast Enhancement lenses. In addition to extended power lenses we do slaboffs, diving masks, AR coating and edging.

“I hope our glass lab addition will simplify the outsourcing logistics for other labs and willhelp them to serve their customers better,” Walach added.

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Download PDF version

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