HOYA Vision

June 28, 2018

Dear Quest team,

We have been very satisfied with the work Quest Lab has done for us.  First of all, I want to say that Mika has been a fantastic go-to for me with so many things regarding our partnership.  Mika has always been super helpful, responds quickly, and has gone above and beyond what I would expect from typical customer service.  She set up sending us bi-weekly status reports for all our work, and that was super helpful at a time when we were a brand new lab learning new software.  Quest (and specifically Mika) helped us ensure that all of our work was processed as quickly as possible and nothing fell through the cracks.  I have been totally pleased with everything we’ve gotten from Quest.

Also, I’d like to speak to the actual finished product.  We have been completely satisfied with everything we have received from Quest.  Speaking from over 8 years of optical production experience, Quest has been just awesome at making some really difficult product.  I recall some order with Rx’s like -15.00 and +10.00 total powers, 8 and 10 diopters of prism, and other exceptional type of work that has always come back looking great.  I must say that I have been impressed with Quest’s ability to make some really difficult prescriptions look really good.

We are pleased with the work Quest has done for us.  From an overall standpoint, we have experienced fast, friendly, and timely customer service.  We have gotten consistent quality product, which is remarkable considering we use Quest for the types of orders that I would consider more difficult than difficult in my optical manufacturing experience.  I don’t have a bad thing to say about our partnership.  Thanks to all of you for what you do.  I would be proud to work for a company like yours considering my experience with your work over the last year.

Best Regards,
Ben Mason
Pre-production Manager
HOYA Vision Care, Indianapolis