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Quest & Luxexcel Collaborate on Lens Technology

Largo, FL., February 1, 2018 – Quest Vision Care Specialty  Lab, Inc. announces the newest step in their ongoing contractual negotiations with Luxexcel which began in mid-2017. After several months of corporate courting, the two entities have finally reached a mutually beneficial agreement to tie the knot as the industries newest ‘super couple’ bravely ushering in a new era in optics. Luxexcel, having made a name for themselves over the years as one of the industry’s premiere innovators of 3D printing generating the worlds’ first fully functional pair of lenses. Their one of a kind Luxexcel VisionPlatform™ which consists of an industrial grade optical 3D printer, lens-design software, and workflow integration tools. The 3D printing technology developed in 2009, is an additive fabrication process for 3D printing functional lenses enabling an ophthalmic lab to print ophthalmic lenses. The intriguing thing about this unique pairing is the unimaginable potential of such a new technology in the hands of a lab who has made a name for themselves by consistently thinking outside of the box. While it is still too early to be specific about the new lens products that will be generated from this revolutionary technology, the implications could be monumental for the future of the freeform industry. 

Guido Groet, Chief Commercial Officer of Luxexcel US stated that “our first operational VisionPlatform installation was unveiled on November 13th in North Carolina, USA. We are excited to make this next step with Quest Vision Care Specialty Lab. In Quest, we have found a partner that will maximize the benefits of our Luxexcel VisionPlatform™ by printing custom RX lenses for non-mainstream applications. Quest will help make our 3D printing technology available to a broader range of labs and end-customers.” 

Their strategic partner, Quest Vision Care Specialty Lab, known as the ‘lab’s lab’ has been a market leader for specialty lab work for specialty lab work for wholesale optical labs in 18 countries across the globe. Making a name for themselves throughout the industry for their imaginative ways proving time and time again that every job is within scientific reason Quest is fearless. Michael Walach, President & Founder of Quest Vision Care Specialty Lab: “Quest is known as the go to lab in the industry for specialty lenses. The flexibility the Luxexcel VisionPlatform™ offers, empowers us to develop new and unique specialty lenses. The Luxexcel equipment can simply address patient needs for vocational, lifestyle or special prescription requirements which cannot be produced with existing production technologies like corrective lenses for meridional aniseikonia, channel prisms, prism segs, quadrifocals and many other special vocational and corrective Rx lenses with unusual or extreme requirements. This truly unique 3D printing technology empowers our lens designers to create totally new and sui generis solutions. In short, we are thrilled to announce our position as early adopters to this new technology!”