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Pilot Quatro




Quest Vision Care Specialty Lab, Inc. announces the launch of their newest original lens, the Pilot Quatro. The Pilot Quatro is a vocational lens for commercial pilots that require distance, near and 2 intermediate corrections: one intermediate power addition is calculated for the lower panel viewing distance and the second intermediate add power is designed for the above head panel viewing distance. Additionally, all four visual fields have yellow or green filter for increased contrast in dim cockpit lighting and hazy outside weather conditions. The lens has a Chemistrie G15 clip that has the depth dimension equal to the distance vision field to provide sun protection and increase viewing comfort while it does not impair near or intermediate viewing fields for increased safety.

The Pilot Quatro lens is a Quest original craft design produced using Luxexcel’s groundbreaking 3D printer, an integral part of their VisionPlatformTM. The 3D printingtechnology developed in 2009, is an additive fabrication process for 3D printing functional lenses enabling any ophthalmic lab to manufacture unique ophthalmic lenses. Quest has several cutting-edge products in the R&D stages of development which they will be revealing in the coming year.

David Elliott, a veteran pilot or United Continental Airlines was one of the first commercial pilots to test the Pilot Quatro helping to bring insight to some of thepreliminary shortcomings of the design. Mr. Elliott commented that he “was impressed by the final design” going on to say that for him, this product “solves a number of problems which until now had never been addressed by the optical industry.” Heattested that “the lenses made sight in the flight deck much clearer” and after a longflight his eyes were far less tired than was the case with his traditional glasses. MichaelWalach, President and CEO of Quest Lab, said that he “felt confident with how our lenswill be received by the flying industry” and was thrilled that “after many prototypes andpreliminary trials, the finished product will provide versatility for thousands of pilots nation-wide.”