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Acronyms & Abbreviations

ABO – American Board of Opticianry
ACOE – Accreditation Council of Optometric Education
ADD – Bifocal Addition
AFOS – Armed Forces Optometric Society
AOA – American Optometric Association
AOA-PAC- American Optometric Association – Political Action Committee
AOSA- American Optometric Student Association
ARBO – Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry
ASCO – Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry
Ax – Axis
B.C. – Base Curve
B.D. – Base Down Prism
B.I. – Base In Prism
B.O. – Base Out Prism
B.U. – Base Up Prism
Bif. – Bifocal
Bridge – DBL of a frame
C.C. – Cable Temples
CE – Continuing Education
CEE- Continuing Education with Examination
CLCS – Contact Lens and Cornea Section
COPE – Council on Optometric Practitioner Examination
CPC – Committee on Paraoptometric Certification
CPO – Certified Paraoptometric
CPOA – Certified Paraoptometric Assistant
CPOT – Certified Paraoptometric Technician
Cyl. – Cylinder
D – Diopter
Dec. Decentration
Exam – Eye Examination
FDA – Food and Drug Administration
LVRS – Low Vision Rehabilitation Section
M.D. – Dr. of Medicine
mm. – Millimeter
NBEO – National Board of Examiners in Optometry
NCLE – National Contact Lens Examiners
O.C. – Optical Center
O.D. – Dr. of Optometry
O.D. – Right eye
O.S. – Left eye
O.U. – Both eyes
OEP – Optometric Extension Program
ORA – Optometric Recognition Award
P.D. – Pupillary Distance
Pl. – Plano
PS – Paraoptometric Section
Ref. – Refraction
Rx – Prescription
Seg. – Segment
Sk. – Skull
Sph. – Sphere
S.V. – Single Vision
SVS – Sports Vision Section
Tri. – Trifocal
VOSH – Volunteer Optometric Service to Humanity
X – Axis
Zyl. – Plastic Frame

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