The snapLap is the hardest disposable lap on the market today and will consistantly produce excellent lens power and surface quality. The snapLap is the most effective solution for out of range missing laps or odd ball prescriptions and will improve service quality and profitability of your lab.

Availability: IQ diameter 82mm, 2 Base diameter 82 mm, 6 Base diameter 82 mm, 8 Base diameter 70 mm.
snapLap Base SLBIQ

for use on COBURN IQ and SL, Optek Profile and Contour generators
snapLap Base SLBST

for use on all other 3-axis generators
snapLap Release

The snapLap Release is pneumatically controlled device to seperate the snapLap from its base and to free the base for the next job. It is safe to use, ergonimically efficient and economically effective.

Try it, you will like it!

Tech Optics International Products

Quest Vision Care Specialty Lab is now a distributor for Tech Optics International who specialize in magnification eyeglasses and magnifiers, prismatic eyeglasses, therapeutic and vocational filter glasses and low vision products.

You can view their catalog here.