Quest Lab was founded in December 2003. Our objective is to provide optical laboratories with specialty ophthalmic correction lenses which are out of range for production equipment, require specialized tooling, equipment, are labor intensive or require specialized skills and knowledge. Most optical labs in the US have technologically advanced production lines capable to produce wide range of Rx lenses. However, 0.1% to 0.5% of prescriptions fall out of range of lab production capabilities and therefore the lab's effort to produce this type of lenses is in most cases cost ineffective, time consuming and generally a pain in the neck. Quest Lab specializes in this type of work. We are equipped with specialized equipment, tooling, software, and skilled technologists to produce any extreme or atypical Rx and turn it into a profitable asset for your lab. Our pricing structure is simple, our staff is knowledgeable and friendly (some even good looking), our lenses are of superior quality, aesthetic and optically effective. Our cooperation will enhance your professional reputation and will help you to serve your valued customers better.

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From: University Vision Clinic
Date: October 17th, 2014

I just wanted to drop a message to express my thoughts on a recent job you did for us, patient Koromondy. We just dispensed the glasses to the patient, she couldn't have been more excited, how a -26.00 gets excited about new glasses is beyond me, as she gets better acuity with contacts but I digress. Beautiful job, I'm sold.

Thank You,

Paul Smith, LDO

Date: August 20th, 2013

Dear Michael,

Just a note to express my appreciation for your support and the great specialty lens work you do for SHAMIR labs in Europe and around the world. I have just received a phone call and this photo from SHAMIR Nederland. They were stunned when they have received this pair of 1.74 free-form back supermodular lenses done by your lab when they compared it to the patients old glasses (see picture) and, needless to say, the patient was ecstatic. The center thickness was reduced by 6 mm, the lens weight by 65%, and the magnification by 50%.

We greatly appreciate the specialty lens work you do for the SHAMIR labs and we look forward to our long term cooperation.

My best regards,

Krzysztof Siewiera
Marketing Manager

From: Cherry Optical
Date: August 2nd, 2013


Just a note to say hello, and thank you , and your laboratory of the unique Rx's you assist us in manufacturing, and solving peoples vision challenges.

Joe Cherry

From: Colonial Optometric Associates
Date: November 14th, 2012


Just a quick thank you for the help and a job well done on a patient's job. The lenses turned out great! I did a follow up call with the patient last night to see what she thought. "Awesome!" - she said! She loves them!

Thanks again - I appreciate your help and I look forward to using your lab in the future!

Kindest regards,
Bob "Fezz" Fesmine

From: Almeda Vision Center
Date: April 25th, 2012

Dear Michael,

You were being patient to take the time to explain all that is involved in fitting a very unique prescription for my patient. Mr. Rolando Ybarra is very happy with his motorcycle glasses.

Thank you for your professional & kind assistance.

Sincerely yours

Anh H. Tran, OD

From: Indiana University School of Optometry
Date: January 1st, 2012


I dispensed the glasses you made for my patient today. The cosmesis of the lens exceeded my expectations and my patient was thrilled. I'll be sure to contact you in the future for my patients with high powers.

Many thanks,
Dr. Kevin Houston, OD, FAAO